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Church and Charity Domain Names Targeted by Pornographers

As I pointed out in my previous article, “where the heck is my domain name?“, nothing ruins one’s morning worse than waking up and finding your (former) domain name for your church now redirects unsuspecting visitors to a grotesque gaggle of naked Russian women.

And just to drive the point home, I’ve collected a series of articles that I hope will scare the boogers out of you enough to go check the ownership and status of your church’s domain name(s) — and then tatoo the expiration date to your forehead and arm.

  • Defend your domain from Web porn – If you don’t know when your church’s or organization’s Web domain expires, you might want to check — before pornographers do.
  • Adult Site Operators Increase Hijacking Of Expired Domain Names – Over the last several months, domain name speculators have begun to register lapsed domain names that were previously owned by commercial entities, non-profit organizations, religious groups and local governments. In many cases, the speculators link their new names to adult content.
  • Google and dmoz lose expired domains fight – I often see domains which are in different dmoz and google categories (children, news, disabled people, church, government ..) with porn content … Seems to me like people register expired domains which are still
    in dmoz and get high PR for their sites from both, Google and dmoz categories.
  • Christian Web sites being ‘hijacked’ by pornographers – Christian ministries are inadvertently becoming purveyors of smut as pornographers “hijack” expired Web sites, either to lure unsuspecting visitors to pornographic sites or to earn a profit by selling the URL back to its original owner at an inflated price … The Indiana Baptist newspaper is among the latest victims of a scheme that has affected various ministries, non-profit organizations, government agencies and political leaders.
  • Sites Forlorn When Reborn as Porn – Small town governments, church groups and the Ohio State Senate have Web addresses that have been hijacked and held ransom by pornographers lately in a growing trend. By Jeffrey Benner.

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  1. It isn’t just churches. I know of at least two female authors who let their name domains expire. Porn sites snapped them right up. One of these ladies was a well known author in her field.