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Where the ‘Heck’ is my Web Site?

One of my more frequent reads, the Register, is running a very informative series of article entitled “Where the hell is my website?.” The third installment in this series, “A punter’s guide to keeping hold of your domain” offers several points you should print out and keep by your computer. Or at least keep in the notebook or folder you use to manage your site. You do keep such records and notes don’t you?! More on that later.

The bottom line is that some of you lose your church web sites because you lose control or ownership of your domain name. So, here for your convenience, are just the bullet points without the excellent explanations offered in the aforementioned article with some emphasis on one particular point I find VERY important.

Meaning, when you get a chance, read the article. In fact, read the entire series or you too might find yourself dying a thousand painful deaths when you wake up one morning, type in your church’s domain name, only to find yourself redirected to a pr0n site:

  • Do NOT let your domain expire
  • Make sure you are listed as the Administrative and Technical contact
  • Make sure those contacts are correct
  • Do NOT let your domain expire
  • Go to a reputable registrar
  • Try to choose a registrar with an online control panel
  • Check the registrar charges
  • Do NOT let your domain expire
  • Get a registrar that locks a domain
  • Check the registrar’s security
  • Do NOT let your domain expire
  • And if it has already expired?

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