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Dean Peters

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Webmaster, Heal Your Church Website

Rockville, MD, May 11, 2002 (update Apex, NC, 23-Mar-2010) – Tired and frustrated with church and para-church websites that look like visual vestiges from the dark ages, Dean Peters, contributing author to “Son of Web Pages That Suck”, posts his own virtual 95 Theses to the door of the Internet at HealYourChurchWebsite.com.

Armed a liberal arts degree in one hand, and a masters in computer science in the other, Dean takes his decades of professional experience as a programmer and a user experience practitioner challenge the ‘great cloud of witless-ness‘ that is the Church online …

… or as the site’s 2 Timothy 3:16 derived logo reads: “Teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteous web design.”

Having been a volunteer Webmaster for a successful church himself for several years, Dean understands both the technical issues and the organizational challenges that face designers of church, para-church and other charity organizations.

HealYourChurchWebsite.com addresses these issues with practical advice, links, resources and examples in design and implementation in the hopes that the quality of church websites by bringing errant webmasters to repentance.

As Dean likes to tell anyone who will listen:

“we have hundreds of years of beautiful sacred songs, art and literature as the result of the artistry that was once the Church’s … why can’t we have the same for websites?”

Dean Peters is still wandering in the wilderness a bit for a new work experience home having re-located almost five years ago to direct the product management and user experience teams for a successful (multi-tenant) Software as a Service company. That said, all of the opinions expressed here are Dean’s personal views and do not reflect his employer, his church, nor any other non-Dean Peters entity in any way shape nor form.

For what it’s worth, in past incarnations Dean has worked as a developer, systems integrator and application architect for a variety of industries that include banking, medicine, education, Wall Street and homeland security. He’s also completed two Biblical blogging tours of Jordan (see blogJordan.com), helped write a few books and articles along with having performed in the world premier of a couple of operas.

Currently, Dean’s most pressing project is raising his daughter and serving his wife as God guides him through Scripture. You can visit the site, and even post comments at: HealYourChurchWebsite.com

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  3. Dear Dean,

    I discovered an illustration of yours on the internet. The Bad design idea poster illustration is amazing. I’m providing a presentation re: Social Media and part of this presention is about “Bad Slides.” I’d love to show this one as a professional who knows what “bad design” is and can be a consultant regarding helping to create Good Design.

    I woud give you credit and place your http below your slide.
    If you would “rather” pass i will certainly understand and honor your choice by taking your illustration off my Keynote.

    I hope you consider this a complement because I do.



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