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Spring Cleaning 2017

As if anyone follows this nearly abandoned blog anymore, here’s what I’m up to:

First, I’m mostly blogging about product management in a Lean and Agile context over at DeanOnDelivery.com with the same sprinkling of technical goodness and wacky humor y’all enjoyed here for about 10 years.

So you can catch up with me there, or perhaps at my twitter feed @deanpeters. Think of these as placces you boss me around with  your great ideas. It doesn’t cost to give it a try.

Second, it’s time for …

Spring Cleaning 2017

Let’s either reboot, or retire this blog.

  • I’ve already made private close to 775 out of 1050 blog posts I feel are no longer relevant.
  • The privatized blog posts will eventually be removed altogether and put into a deep freeze reference somewhere.
  • I’ll continue to chip-away at the content until I get things down to about 200 relevant posts.
  • Move any code snippets over to github, linking to them from here.
  • Expect a significant change in formatting, probably a parallax-ish.
  • Likely implement some sort of slack invite call-to-action button thingy here.
  • I’m doing alot with elasticsearch and azure search these days. Natural language processing too. Need to figure out how to perhaps introduce a little machine language fun as part of this blog. Dunno yet. Depends on what y’all say in the slack channel.

Apologies in advance to all those visiting this blog in hopes of updates on XP, Movable Type, dhtml, and other acts of obsoletism.

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