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January 3, 2013
by meandean
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Church Marketing Sucks – An Infographic of their Top 10 Posts for 2012

As your church &/or charity finalizes your communications strategy for 2013 — assuming your organization plans such things in advance — I thought it might be helpful to create a colorful handout of Church Marketing Sucks top 10 posts for 2012 so you could better identify targets for tactical textual content.

If you aren’t a regular reader of ChurchMarketingSucks.com, then either you like wandering in the church communications wilderness, or you just haven’t had time to add their RSS feeds to your aggregator … go ahead … we’ll wait. Continue reading

November 2, 2009
by meandean
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Usability and Daylight Saving Time

Let’s talk a little about the usability frustrations we put up with in the name of daylight saving time – and see if we can’t cobble together an object lesson for our web design. Okay, so in my best Andy … Continue reading

August 20, 2008
by meandean

5 ways to save fuel and staff costs by screencasting webinars

One of the more painful big money issues facing churches and charities are upcoming energy costs that will consume more funds once allocated to other endeavors; while forcing some locations to have black-out dates to reduce the high cost of heating a facility during off-hours. Not to mention the rising costs to staff and laypersons to drive to said locations during the week. With such exorbitant expenses in mind, there are many online technologies now available to an ever growing bandwidth-enabled congregations that will allow them to save money by moving mid-week meetings and classes out of bricks-n-mortar places and into the web space. Continue reading

May 12, 2008
by meandean
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The price of .org domain names to increase by 10%

Those putting off the purchasing and/or long-term renewal of a domain name for their church and/or charity because the price was too high may want to re-think that strategy as it appears that the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry for ‘.org’ domain names, will be raising their annual wholesale price for ‘.org’ domains by 10%. Continue reading