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the Apache .htaccess file generator

If you’re looking for a fast and less-painful-than handcoding mechanism for mod_rewrite manglement of spammers, hot linkers and other bandwidth bad boys, then look no further than this little ‘the Apache .htaccess file generator’ I found the other day.

I’ve written about the madness that is mod_rewrite more than once – though I myself have had to handle more than one battle crafting an .htaccess file to fight spammers, image bandwidth bandits and other ‘Net’ nere-do-wells.

So it was with a bit if little-girl-like giddiness that I giggled with glee when finding this little gem of a generator while briefly toying with the idea of running a server from my home – and idea I ditched not long after coming across a $15.95/month ‘code monster’ deal from DreamHost.com to handle the various blogs I host – while leaving the big-kahuna BBS that pays for the bills on its own dedicated server – but I digress.

Gentlemen, and ladies, it is with immeasurable programmer-nerd-boy pleasure I give you ‘the Apache .htaccess file generator’ powered by cooletips.de, which with a bit of mad scientist experimentation can make your urls less crufty, your content more secure – and with any luck, make you look 10 years younger and take 3 inches off your waist (hat tip to LifeHacker.com)

Well, okay, I’m exaggerating a bit – point is, this little generator can take a lot of the guess work that often frustrates even the most experienced apache admin by giving you the ability to check a few boxes and create a useful .htaccess file that you can use to manage your mod_rewrite without having to shoot your foot clean off too many times.

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