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Be careful what you say in between the lines

Ah … behold the ‘brochure-ware’ that is ‘Heritage Free Will Baptist Church of Shreveport, LA.’ that through the magic of minimalism, infers the oft heard but rarely true misnomer “… we at least have something out there …

An oft quoted response I’ve sometimes received after reviewing a website whose healing begins with ‘rm -rf *

A response that in the future I think I’ll from now on return with the question:

“The ‘Yellow Pages™’ are just out there – does that mean you rush out to sloppily place a listing with an incorrect phone number or address?”

I know it is not an exact comparison but it speaks to my point – what is your crufty “just out there” web presence saying about the purpose and personality of your church?

click here to see larger screen shot of IE vs. Firefox page renderingsTake seriously how you describe your church to those seeking online – especially those using non-MSIE browsers; hint … hint.

Let what you say online be more effective and evident than what you say between the lines with a web offering that has enjoyed little in attempting to understand its intended audience.

Put another way – and yes, you can quote me on this: ‘What your church website says in between the lines is as important is what it say online.’

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  1. Mean Dean!!!! Great to see you blogging here again. And pressing forward with the Gospel of good web sites. I’ll be laying on hands with you via RSS.

    –Dave Jung