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Lorem Ipsum Generator

this Friday’s fun, something productive – programs that fill your page full of the type of compelling content that is likely to get your church web site critiqued here, and/or your commercial web site ‘analyzed’ by Vincent Flanders.

To it is with goulish pleasure that I treat you with Mean Dean’s Semi-Definitive List of Lorem Ipsum Generators (*bonus* my comments in bold case) :

  • I still can’t believe someone wrote a Dreamweaver Extension for this:
    Subterrane – lorem ipsum generator – This version of Lorem Ipsum is based on the code written by Captain Cursor, aka Taylor, originally distributed as a Dreamweaver extension and was later adapted by Travis Spencer. This web version by Will Munslow (Subterrane). It’s essentially just stolen outright and tweaked barely to post the data to a form field instead of the clipboard.

    This code is public domain. Taylor and Travis don’t care if you tweak it, bend it, send it, sell it, etc. (So I stole it!)


  • The page actually contains some compelling content by documenting the history of the Internet’s must abused filler:
    Lipsum.com – Lorem Ipsum, or Lipsum for short, is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book …. Visit the site for more compelling history.

  • This page has a neat picture of a monkey at a typewriter … hmmm … good metaphor … wonder if it has been used?
    i-r-genius.com – Lorem Ipsum Generator
    This page will generate random lorem ipsum with convincing sentence and paragraphing constructs. Just fill in the fields below to suit your needs and a customised random load of pseudo-latin guff will be sent back to you. There is an 100K limit, to stunt the ambitions of l33t haX0rz with novelty DOS attack plans.

  • MangyDog.com presents: The Random Dr. Phil Quote Generator
    During these times of trouble and turmoil, nothing sedates a soul or stifles common sense quite like words of wisdom from Dr. Phil.
    Whoops, how Freudian of me … oh well, too late to strike it from the list!

  • Want to wind up on next year’s hall-o-horrors? Then you need to roll-your-own generator. Here’s how:
    SourceForge: Development: Tutorial: Drag and drop saving
    This tutorial shows how to write a simple Lorem Ipsum generator, with drag-and-drop saving. It also shows how to add extra widgets to the savebox.


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  2. I use the Lorem generator from Subterrane all the time when I design — actually Adobe InDesign has it built-in. I really like the Dr. Phil quote generator. Another great site for generating “names”:


    Names tools include a Morpheme Machine and Drug-O-Matic which will create cool new drug names.