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For those of you looking to shoot your foot clean off with some programming fun, may I suggest some study in a dialect of pure geek otherwise known as regular expressions … please, you can stop screaming NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO now.

Arguably the most powerful of text manipulation tools, regular expressions allow you match and/or modify variant text blocks. For example, the following snippet allows me to find books of the Bible within a given text block:

my $BibleBooks = “Genesis|Exodus| … |Jude|Revelation”;
my $varTextBlk = “In the book of Exodus we find a reference to Genesis …

if ($varTextBlk =~ m/$BibleBooks/gi) { …

Pretty nifty eh? Well, yes, only if you can actually create some compelling content with it. And I intend to do just that in the form of a little script that will look through text and tag Scripture references to the BibleGateway … yeah, I knew that’d get your attention.

But before I can make sense of my ‘Scripturizer’ script, you’re going to need to do some homework (you may begin screaming again) … here is a suggested reading list of mostly Perl-centric approaches to regular expressions:

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