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May 7, 2007
by meandean

Time to re-factor my categories

Hate the categories at HealYourChurchWebSite? Hoping the sage physician would heal thyself, or at least his navigational? Well now is your time for input, as I’m going to refactor the categories on this site so they avoid the church-speak I rail so loudly about as I point out the speck in the navigational and content elements of church and charity web sites. Continue reading

February 6, 2006
by meandean

Yes, in fact is is WordPress and …

Yes, in fact the final decision was indeed to use WordPress.

Though I did have to re-read-up on the ‘split’ command to import/convert the vast array of MT posts.

Now I just need to figure out a few theme thingies – and figure out how to path new stuff v. old stuff and we’ll be good to get started again. Continue reading

August 18, 2005
by meandean
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YEs, some things are broken

Yes, some of the features and articles on this site are broken for now … … I’ve moved servers and am headed to Singapore. But needed to get off the old server because of the buck$. Expect exciting things in … Continue reading

August 8, 2005
by meandean
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Product Analyst & Web Developer

If you live in or near Cary, NC – and are as adept at system analysis and QA as you are at web programming, then here is an ad in TriangleJobs.com that you may way want to consider.