Heal Your Church WebSite

Teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteous web design.

Mission Statement ?

… when the web was young, it was okay for a mom-n-pop operation to plug their stuff on a page that would contain any mutant combination of gizmos and gimmicks like spinning gifs, multi-colored/multi-sized fonts, outrageously impossible to read backgrounds all accompanied by cheesy soundy MIDI files. Sure the pages were a bit hard to read and took forever to download, but they were fun.

Guess what kiddies? It’s 2002 2015 and in case you haven’t noticed, the web has been industrialized! Don’t believe me? Read chapter 14 of Son of Web Pages That Suck (yes, I know, and unfortunate title). In fact, read the entire book and see how your site compares … I did, and it, along with the original book, are one of the many reasons I’ve created “Heal Your Church Website.”

I’ve been to too many church and or para-church websites only to see my WiFi bogged-down with a bunch-o-junk … and worse, to see sights that do more to harm to the our message of love than good. Yes, I know most church sites are developed and maintained by volunteers. However, this doesn’t mean they have to look or feel cheap, cheezy and/or down right stupid.

This website is here to “preach good designto correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction” on how to design your charity’s websites so they’re effective, fast-loading, informative, uplifting, and hopefully a bit fun. To do this will mean critiquing various sites in hopes of removing the splinters so we can view our sites with a fresh set of eyes.

Now before some of you hate-mail me tirades about tearing-down the Body, I want you to look at the church sites out there today and ask yourself this question … are we reaching-out to our communities, meeting their needs, answering their questions … or are we padding our careers with avocation and/or annoying folks with noisy gongs and clanging cymbals?

And for those of you who can get past all this, we’ll also offer examples, links, articles, and other resources I hope you’ll  find helpful as we transform our minds to think about our sites in a way that glorifies God, and stop looking like jokes to the unbelievers out there in need of His Grace.


  1. I have no formal training in things web related – in fact, no training period in such things, unless you count my own admittedly amateurish attempts. I have designed my church site – this is actually my second version of the site. Any suggestions? I am thick skinned and will graciously accept any constructive criticism sent my way. I promise.

    Rich Brown

  2. My brother in law asked me to build a church web page for him ( He’s the pastor). How can I implement a page like this for church feeback or to use as a guest book?