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12 Days of Jesus Junk – Day 12 – Santa with Baby Jesus Nativity(ies)

On the 12th day of Kitschmas my webmaster brought to me: 12 Santa with Jesus figurines.

You betcha I ain’t kiddin’! I mean,what better way to convey to the kiddies the true meaning of Christmas in our current entertainint-driven culture than with the rotund, non-fasting, Nordic image of Saint Nicholas looking over a WonderBread white baby Jesus?

A confusing little mixed-metaphor dontcha’ think? I do. I also think this mix of Madison Avenue imagery with legal historic details is an excellent object lesson in why we need to be careful about semantics in a different light: semantic HTML.

For example, below is list of Santa with Jesus Nativity images I discovered in about 2 minutes on the web. In the past, one might use a <table> tag to render this list … but since IT IS a list of images and descriptions … why not use a list-like entity where the markup gives search engines, visually impaired seekers, and other systems and users a clue about the content in which they’re about to receive?

That is, why not use a definition list to render a list of images and their associated ‘defining’ descriptions (with typos included from the cited websites)?

Dona Gelsinger Christmas Miracle Collectible Angel Figurine
Dona Gelsinger Christmas Miracle Collectible Angel Figurine: Rejoice! The beloved work of renowned artist Dona Gelsinger comes to life in this collectible Santa and angel Nativity figurine, depicting Santa and a pretty little angel worshipping at the blessed birth of the Baby Jesus. A sweet lamb and bunnies join in the miracle, making this special collectible Christmas decoration an even more adorable treasure for your holiday home!
Santa with Baby Jesus figurine
Santa with Baby Jesus Stand: This Santa with Baby Jesus stand combines two important symbols of Christmas, Our Lord Jesus and Santa Clause.Enjoy this tall and cheerful statue with Santa holding the Star of Christmas and the Baby Jesus.This is an absolutely stunning figurine of Sants in his dark red clothing with white fur trim, holding Baby Jesus who is wrapped in a blanket. This Santa is made of Resin and stands 11 1/2″ H.
The Greatest Gift Of All Figurine
The Greatest Gift Of All Figurine: Elevate your Christmas display to a whole new level of sophistication and beauty with this elegant Christmas collectible figurine. This lovely Christ Child and Santa Claus figurine is beautifully sculpted and carefully hand-painted in resin, highlighting the poignant expression on Santa’s face as he kneels next to the smiling Baby Jesus’ manger. Real fabrics, molded and shaped by hand, are featured on Santa’s “fur”-trimmed coat and the Christ Child’s swaddling clothes.
Roman Santa Kneeling W/ Baby Jesus Ornament
Roman Santa Kneeling W/ Baby Jesus Ornament: Roman Santa Kneeling W/ Baby Jesus Ornament – This stone resin ornament is a licensed Roman item, has a very special message that can be taught to children and adults alike for generations to come. The message is that Christmas is not all about Sanata Claus, but rather Santa Claus also humbles himself before his maker, Jesus. Comes in attractive gift box, measures 2 1/2″
Santa & The Christ Child figurine
Santa & The Christ Child: There is no greater joy than watching a baby’s face at his or her first Christmas. The excitement and happiness parents feel are contagious and surely their child is not immune to the love surrounding this holy holiday. It is only fitting then, that the gentle gift bringer, Santa, comes to visit the greatest Bringer of hope, love and peace: the little Baby Jesus. As the Baby’s face lights upon seeing Santa’s gift, a cuddly teddy bear complete with big red bow, his hand reaches up to accept the precious gift. Santa’s eyes glisten as he sees the sweetness and beauty of the Baby Jesus, who, though nestled in His humble bed of straw, bears all the dignity and power of a King.


For more on how and why semantic HTML makes more sense than the usual “code slung like hash” I suggest reading my recent post entitled: Enough with the Bread and BReakfast markup already!

For those on how and why the semantics of how and why imagery of the Coca-Cola Claus and the Uber Caucasion Christ may be sending the wrong message, may I suggest a post on the Colossians Three Sixteen blog entitled: Everybody Loves Santa Jesus!

One Comment

  1. It is now 2009 and in my surfing of the web for a nativity I happened upon your website with your Jesus Junk. It appears to be the Fashion Police for religious websites!

    If your 12 Days of Jesus Junk is meant to be satirical… it met with it’s intent.

    If not… it leaves me wondering just how ancient the writer is. Obviously, so terribly old as to not have any memory of ever being a child.

    Children love hug-monkeys, Santa and tattoos. I think the message a child gets (all ages, for that matter) is that even Santa kneels to Christ… good message for children to see.

    While the items overall, are tacky, they also offer fun trinkets for those of the Christian Faith to enjoy. Think way, way back… you must remember fun at some time in your long years of living!

    And who is to say a Goose Band won’t impact the reader in the same way other forms of spreading the message will! Ephananies come in many forms… sometimes even in a sweet potato rendering! So, who is to say a Goose Band won’t inspire someone? (But, I have to give you “odd” on this one… along with the pencil toppers!)

    My feeling is that every Christian should take advantage of the “advertising” we can do during the “Holiday” season.

    Remind those of secular persuasion that we are:

    1. A huge part of the population.
    2. The majority of shopping dollars generated are by Christians, celebrating their holiday. As such, they should respect our contribution to the marketplace, say “Christmas” in their ads and say “Merry Christmas” to customers.
    3. The seculars have successfully eliminated all public mention of Christ in school programs and public displays. Given that Christ has been criminalized by them… displaying nativities on our private property, in our front yards… reminds them of the annoying truth… America is still loaded with Christians.

    So… I will continue now my search for the inflatable nativity a friend wants to get for his toddler to enjoy next Christmas… exactly like the one we have for our front yard… that I think expresses a great message for children to enjoy… the very reason I purchased it.

    And, might I suggest you contact the “Guinness Book of World Records”. You just might qualify as the oldest cynic in the world!

    Fun –noun
    1. something that provides mirth or amusement
    2. enjoyment or playfulness