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Test your Speed!

I’ve been up late the past few nights, working on the Redland Baptist redesign … don’t worry, I’m taking notes and I’ll share how I’ve hammered MovableType into a CMS. In the meantime, here is a VERY cool tool, actually a very cool set of tools, I ran across: Bandwidth Place’s Speed Test.

This little beauty tests the speed of your Internet connection. In fact, it was the tool I used the other day to gauge my DSL speed when I reviewed the Calvary Temple Worship just to make sure it wasn’t a slow Internet connection on my side gumming up the works. As it turns out, Verizon is delivering me respectable 88.5 kilobytes per second.

You may also notice on the Bandwidth Place’s Speed Test page, you can also test the speed of a remote server. This is an incredibly useful service to test how fast data is getting from your web server to the rest of the world. I’d suggest a 10k image, or downloading the 60k image they provide, which you can then FTP to your web server.

The benefit of the server test is to make sure your web host provider’s connection is what they say it is. Or in my case 867.4 kilobits per second throughput, which translates into 105.9 kilobytes per second or 9.7 seconds for a 1mb file.

While this is good news for me, it also means that I need to be careful when sitting at home with my nice fast DSL line developing web sites because both my web server and my DSL line are running faster than the reality of many of the individuals of my church who are still using a dail-up connection. Something those of us with bigger bandwidth sometimes forget about when developing a site.


  1. I want to see this movable type as a CMS thing. Tell me more Dean!
    Oh and sorry for using your site this way but could someone tell me who originally made the scripturizer plugin for MT as I’ve altered it to work with the esv api, so I’d like to see what they make of it

  2. Speed good! Dial-up bad! Cool Link!