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Good Technical Reason

It’s been a while since we had a “yank-the-plank outtta Dean’s eye post.” Well fear not, as our buddy Mike Boyink correctly points out that while I may have the correct solution for a Church running on an Apache/Linux server, it is NOT the right solution for The Forbidden Church :

Uhh…guys I think this is one of those times when getting the whole story about why the site is down might be appropriate. There might actually be a good technical reason for the site not being available (what would happen if the database for your database-driven site went corrupt?).

And Mike’s right! Using the Sam Spade safe browser, we see two things.

  1. this site is running Website version 2.3 – a PC based web server (now known as VisNetic WebSite)
  2. We see a comment we couldn’t see via our own browser that reads “http://www.CoolFusion.com – inFusion Error Processor”>

Meaning, this as Mike says, most like a database error, a ColdFusion database error if I were to guess (help me out here Mike).

Mike also makes one other valid point in an email exchange regarding this issue:

Not every church has the skilled technical types who tend to post here…maybe we should be offering our services to help get them back up instead?

Okay Mike, that’s twice you’re correct in one day. That’s all your allowed for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, I’ve emailed the good folks at Our Lady of Lourdes informing them that their system is down. Now word back yet.


  1. Uhhh…so all at once you want me to help you out but tell me I can’t be right again this week? 🙂 OK..talk to you in a few days……

    Seriously, my database example was just a lucky guess.

    It just struck me that I’ve been involved with a big $$ commercial web site running on multiple distributed servers, with automatic failover systems in place, and we *still* had to take that site offline to accomodate a computer room move. In light of that it just struck me as (sorry) a little harsh to call attention to a church site being down when there could be a number of legitmate reasons for it.

    And it seemed like it would take about the same effort to offer to help as it would to talk about what a “legitimate reason” is..;)

  2. I think that’s ‘coolfusion’, not ‘ColdFusion’. I’m a ColdFusion developer; ColdFusion is a server-side tag-based language like PHP, ASP or JSP, and is used to connect to databases, but isn’t itself a database. Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs! Keep up the good work, btw. I like what you’re doing.