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Thou Shalt Not Steal …

Credit for the title of this article goes to Moses, who penned these Words of God in Deuteronomy 5:19.

What I just did in the above paragraph was give attribution to the author, something that appearently isn’t being done on college papers. Which may explain why my site was recently visited by Plagiarism.org’s SlySearch Crawler.

According to the FAQ page on their website, they are not looking when I’m the one doing the cheating, rather, and I quote:

The information we are collecting from the Internet is used solely for the purposes of helping educational institutions compare their students’ writings against the Internet.

Boy, sure hope I did that right. Their site also shows how to exclude their ‘bot from crawling your site. Which I will do if I ever find out such a tool was use to provide false testimony. NOTE, I’m not saying it SlySearch/Plagiarism.org does, I’m saying if it ever does.

Wow this is messy stuff.

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