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April 5, 2011
by meandean
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Fun with the Twitter Search API and jQuery

Yes, I am bit of an API junkie. Anyone whose followed my blog since 2002 probably has gone blind once or twice reading posts about SOAP, XML-RPC, RSS feed and other such fun.

So why should anyone be surprised that today I’m providing a quick how-to code snippet of some fun I’m having with the Twitter Search API, REST, jQuery and jSON? Continue reading

June 17, 2009
by meandean

WANTED: Social Networking Summer Missionaries

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. If you’re using any of these tools to communicate from the summer mission field, then communicate with me. FriendFeed, Orkut, Tumblr, Linkedin, Bebo too. I’ve been asked to write a major Christian publication – so if you’re using a social network to talk to the folks back at home, then please take a moment to talk to me. Continue reading

May 13, 2009
by meandean

Did Twitter just jump the credibility shark with #twitterlied?

Here’s another lesson we can take from Twitters poor handling of their @ replies notification setting problem: don’t tell users that they’re the problem when it is your system that’s sick (e.g.#FixReplies + #TwitterFail vs. #TwitterLied) Continue reading

May 13, 2009
by meandean
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While Twitter fiddled, their users burned – lessons learned

Twitter, in fiddling around with their @ replies notification setting, created a firestorm of outrage among the known twitterverse manifesting itself into to hash mark campaigns entitled ‘#fixreplies’ and ‘#twitterfail’ respectively. Continue reading