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May 13, 2009
by meandean
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While Twitter fiddled, their users burned – lessons learned

Twitter, in fiddling around with their @ replies notification setting, created a firestorm of outrage among the known twitterverse manifesting itself into to hash mark campaigns entitled ‘#fixreplies’ and ‘#twitterfail’ respectively. Continue reading

August 27, 2008
by meandean

A celebration of cruft, the king of kitsch ministries.

The WikiPedia defines ‘cruft’ is computing jargon for code, data, or software of poor quality and ‘kitsch’ as art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an existing style. The Celebrations Of The King Ministries in Loma Linda, CA provides a website that is both. The only real question being, what % is kitsch, and what % is cruft – as the design of the this church website seems to take its queue from the Hamster Dance school of design, circa 1998. Continue reading

January 23, 2008
by meandean

No promiscuous text found at Scottsdale Christian Church

If I had to say one thing nice about the website for the Scottsdale Christian Church (SCC) of Scottsdale Arizona, it would be that it is devoid of the ‘promiscuous text’ found on some other sites that publish entire novellas on their front page explaining in their best church speak why all babies must eat. Of course upona closer inspection of the SCC website, one discovers that there is actually NO text on – making it almost impossible for anyone ‘Googling’ for a church just off route 101 near Eldorado Park. Continue reading

May 18, 2007
by meandean
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Which College Park, Church?

The locale ‘College Park’ holds an entirely different meaning to different people depending on where they live in the US, Canada or Austrailia – which is all the more reasons your Church’s title tag for its homepage should include the city and/or state (or province) in which your church is located … Continue reading