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May 30, 2008
by meandean
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find-a-bot.sh – a nice little script to ID bots bugging your website site

Already demonstrating earlier this week how to block spambots and rogue spiders. Today I’m completing the lesson with a nice little bash script sample that can help you identify some of these non-browser ‘candidates’ by parsing your access logs and placing the results in an easy-to-read text file. Continue reading

May 27, 2008
by meandean

How to block spambots by user agent using .htaccess

Spambots and spiders that ignore robots exclusion file can kill your site both in bandwidth and by potentially exposing information you don’t want ‘harvested.’ With that in mind, here is a quick-n-dirty guide to blocking spambots and rogue search engine spiders by using .htaccess. First the essential example codeblock, followed by a working example: Continue reading

May 20, 2008
by meandean

5 things we can learn from the office candy machine

I just overheard a useful conversation between two vending machine operators while loading up our office junk food dispenser with a bunch of products that didn’t sell last week. It is if nothing else, an object lesson in contrast to my oft quoted aphorism “solve their problems, don’t tell them yours.” Here are 5 things we can in turn do in contrast to improve the user experience on our church and/or charity websites …

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May 14, 2008
by meandean
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ip2Country.pl – A fast little script to bulk id IPs by country

Yes, I know, all cool programmers use Python these days – but to this old-school programmer, PERL is to my antiquated PC what GWBasic was to first computer at work back in 1983. That is a nice little tool to get things done, like identify a list of IP addresses by country – fast.
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May 12, 2008
by meandean
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The price of .org domain names to increase by 10%

Those putting off the purchasing and/or long-term renewal of a domain name for their church and/or charity because the price was too high may want to re-think that strategy as it appears that the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry for ‘.org’ domain names, will be raising their annual wholesale price for ‘.org’ domains by 10%. Continue reading

May 8, 2008
by meandean
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Is Church marketing dead? Nope, just stuck on stupid!

There’s no getting around it, despite the efforts of many to teach, rebuke, correct & train in righteous web design, there still exists a great cloud of witlessness when it comes to the Church’s presence online. A fact painfully corroborated by the persistent body of ‘kitsch‘ out there that distracts, annoys and otherwise drives-away people seeking and/or serving the Lord. Continue reading

May 2, 2008
by meandean

Making a Ready Defense by Planning for Failure

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. While this aphorism is very worn, it is also very true. Here are some simple things you can do with mysqldump, crontab, tar/gzip and a little contingency planning to insure you don’t lose your sanity when your server crashes upon the shoals of of virtual disaster. Continue reading