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July 31, 2007
by meandean

How church website design documentation (doesn’t) get done

At some point, some savvy steward in a church raises the question “What happens if our all-knowing, über church web design geek leaves? We should have them teach us how it works.” At which point even more hilarity ensues as the following process begins innocently enough in the form of an ‘educational’ ad-hoc Internet committee meeting: Continue reading

July 24, 2007
by meandean
Comments Off on Simpsonized Server Unavailable – an unsuccessful lesson in success

Simpsonized Server Unavailable – an unsuccessful lesson in success

Late last week, several national newspapers and e-zines published several stories about a silly little promotion for an upcoming, onscreen ‘Homeric’ tale : SimpsonizeMe.com. Unfortunately those coming late to the party may have to wait a bit as the popularity of this interactive Flash-based toy created enough buzz and traffic to crush the server on which it was hosted. Continue reading

July 5, 2007
by meandean

What to do when your homepage becomes an splash page

What does it profit your church or charity’s website to have the most beautiful web pages ever designed if it doesn’t convince people to visit your church, engage in your ministries, or at least inquire for more information? Today I review a graphically and technically impressive church website that is more an entertaining art project than effective ministry tool. Continue reading

July 3, 2007
by meandean

How to test your site across multiple browsers

Before you write a single line of HTML, before you render curved menu tabs using CSS, before you Flashinate your users with slideshows … remember one thing: unless you’re designing a church website for a bunch of over-clocked, Mac-inspired, graphic artists then your users’ browsing platform, configuration and/usage isn’t the same as yours. Probably not even close.

Continue reading