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Adding your Church’s (free) Calendar Service to WikiSpaces

One key component of many church web sites are ongoing events … while there are pay-to-pay solutions, Google offers a free online calendaring solution that may be just the right solution for your organization, especially when it is easily integrated into other services such as WikiSpaces.

I wasn’t planning on writing about WikiSpaces today, but no sooner do I mention how useful it would be the product could integrate a Yahoo or Google calendar, than I get a nice email from the guy running the show, Adam Frey whom writes:

“Thanks for the blog comment and your article. Much appreciated.
FYI, you can integrate a Google calendar (or any other embeddable calendar) into Wikispaces.

Just go to the page where they give you the embeddable HTML for your calendar, go to your Wikispaces page, click on the little TV icon in the editor, and paste in the code. Voila.

Let us know how you do with that.”

Well Adam, I’m writing this post just to let you know it was easy as cake … pie too … with both whipped cream and coffee … or at least a convenient screenshot to help my readers visualize the ‘wikitext media‘ icon you were referring to in your email:

WikiSpaces: iframe the calendar

So what does this mean to the rest of us? Well, one key component of many church web sites are ongoing events. And while there are a number of application service providers and software as a service solutions one can spend some serious bucks on – companies such as Google and Yahoo are providing free online calendaring services that may be just the right size for your church, charity, classroom or community.

I’ve been meaning to write more about such calendaring services anyway – but seeing as I wrote yesterday how WikiSpaces may be the right sized tool for your small to mid-sized organization, I figured it would be timely to update everyone on how easy it was for me to integrate a calendar as demonstrated on my WikiSpaces testbed pages; especially as the whole process took me about 1 minute:
screnshot of my WikiSpaces-Google Calendar

It also makes me curious as to what type of plugins WordPress might have for said calendaring applications.

And one other note: WikiSpaces allows you to integrate a large variety of outside services – not just calendars – again, more disruptive innovation to get your organization out of the constraints of the work place and into the mobility and community of web space.