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June 25, 2007
by meandean
Comments Off on Note to Dr. Nielsen – quality is everyone’s job

Note to Dr. Nielsen – quality is everyone’s job

Today’s Alertbox entitled ‘Should Designers and Developers Do Usability?’ Jakob Nielsen asserts “Having a specialized usability person is best, but smaller design teams can still benefit when designers do their own user testing and other usability work.” Hmmm … how do I disagree with thee, let me count the ways … modus ponens style: Continue reading

June 14, 2007
by meandean

10 blogging mistakes pastors & laypersons should avoid

Scenario – church uber geek gets the pastor all hooked-up with Wordpress with Google Analytics. No long afterwards, pastor begins to pontificate like Spurgeon (or at least Phil Johnson). After a month, both geek-boy and the pastor are shocked to find out that the site averages 0.75 visits a day, with a bounce rate of 95%. What happened? Continue reading

June 13, 2007
by meandean

Conversion Goals part ‘Duex’ – 1st impressions count!

It is vitally important that the first contact someone has with our church is a positive one. Andy Stanley says it this way, “Your sermon starts in the parking lot.” As more and more people begin their search for a church by looking online, the “sermon” could very well start with your church’s Web site. When I look at your church’s Web site, I can immediately tell you a lot about your church, your values, your mentality, your approach, and whether or not I’d want to be a part. Continue reading

June 12, 2007
by meandean

Nielsen Translated: the Web still rocks like it’s 1999!

10 years ago, I wrote an article on the changes in Web usability from 1994 to 1997. A few of my original findings were no longer valid a mere 3 years after they were issued. But most of the 1994 guidelines held true in 1997 — and they’re still correct today. Considering how primitive websites were in 1994, it’s striking that most of these initial usability guidelines remain valid for today’s sites. Continue reading