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Note to Dr. Nielsen – quality is everyone’s job

Today’s Alertbox entitled ‘Should Designers and Developers Do Usability?’ Jakob Nielsen asserts “Having a specialized usability person is best, but smaller design teams can still benefit when designers do their own user testing and other usability work.”

How do I disagree with thee, let me count the ways … modus ponens style:

  1. good quality is everybody’s job
  2. good quality includes good usability
  3. therefore good usability is everyone’s job

In other words, despite the good efforts of the good doctor, the more people on your church or charity’s web development team who understand usability the better.

Sure, not everyone has to have the same level of expertise, but said expert should conduct periodic tutorials for staff and lay persons on small, 15 minute-a-piece topics such as:

  • defensive design
  • how usability increases page delivery
  • usability features built into WordPress
  • useful usability URLs online

If you’re reading this, I suspect you are that expert – or at least know whom he or she is.

That in mind, what have you done to infuse the quality of usability not only in terms of web site design, but in building your church’s “institutional memory?”

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