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October 2, 2008
by meandean
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SUMO Paint – a cool, free online tool to replace that crufty MS Pain’

Online office suites are great, usually missing only one or two applications I need to enhance a presentation and/or document. That missing link sometimes being a paint or paintbrush tool such as Photoshop, Photo Impact and/or MS Paint. That’s okay … Continue reading

September 2, 2008
by meandean

Google Chrome – browser, web operating system, or web desktop?

Looks like Google Chrome was launched a bit earlier than desired yesterday. The official Google Blog following-up “iterate often” with a link to their online comic book explaining their new browser works. And while some may only see “Yet Another Browser” – those of us looking under the hood are beginning to ask ourselves, it this really just a browser – or is this actually Google creating a web desktop and/or web OS that will finally put the nail in the Microsoft Office coffin? Continue reading

August 1, 2008
by meandean

Dumping Outlook for gMail – how and why

Ever contemplate saying bye-bye to Outlook forever? How about your church volunteers and staff – are they missing important messages because they can’t afford, nor figure out how to synchronize, the latest version on their home machines? Is the portability and price of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like gMail sound almost too goo to be true? Continue reading

June 30, 2008
by meandean

XP is dead – Linux community misses marketing opportunity

fter today, Microsoft will discontinue sales of its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers; this despite protests lodged at InfoWorld’s ad-impaired Save XP petition page. Meanwhile, the world of Linux continues to overlook major marketing opportunities – this time missing a chance to dance on XP’s grave by not planning and then announcing releases for any and preferably ALL ‘distro-butions’ today. So what does this mean for your church and/or charity organization? Continue reading

April 21, 2008
by meandean

Vista vs. Ubuntu and the value proposition of a work in progress

Steve Ballmer says Vista is a work in progress. With that in mind, and if my office, contact management, presentation, web administration, and other applications are all web-based, then what is the value proposition of sticking it out with Microsoft’s expensive work in progress, versus a more cost effective work in progress such as Ubuntu? Continue reading