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April 21, 2008
by meandean

Vista vs. Ubuntu and the value proposition of a work in progress

Steve Ballmer says Vista is a work in progress. With that in mind, and if my office, contact management, presentation, web administration, and other applications are all web-based, then what is the value proposition of sticking it out with Microsoft’s expensive work in progress, versus a more cost effective work in progress such as Ubuntu? Continue reading

April 18, 2008
by meandean
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5 things the Holy See website could do with the Pope’s visit to the U.S. and UN

I realize, understand, and respect the Catholic tenant that their faith is built upon a combination of Scripture and historic tradition. That said, there’s no reason the Vatican website should continue to ineffectively rock like it’1999. With that in mind, here are 5 things I’d do to enhance the Holy See website to better publicize and describe Pope Benedict XVI’s April 15-21, 2008 Apostolic Journey to the United States of America and visit to the United Nations Organization Headquarters: Continue reading

April 14, 2008
by meandean

Jakob Nielsen: Four Bad Designs and a 403 error to boot!

What could be more ironic than to receive an email from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox on the topic of “Bad content, bad links, bad navigation, bad category pages” that links to a page that throws a 403, permission access denied page?-) Fortunately for you, I got screenshots, followed by some commentary on the article once the good folks at UseIt.com realized the error or their ways. Continue reading

April 2, 2008
by meandean

How to quickly check your error logs for oddities

With more church webmasters taking advantage of free, one-click installs provided by inexpensive web hosting solutions, I figure it is time to provide a quick tutorial on how to harvest useful operational, user and security information the error logs using a variety of commands already at your disposal – free. Continue reading