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May 10, 2007
by meandean

Blogging your studies and sermon using Google Docs

This scenario sound familiar: your pastor nicely insists you publish his sermons online, but sends you his work in MS Word files that were converted via an old version of WordPerfect for Windows. Yeah, talk about cruft! Fortunately, I think Google may have an affordable and easy answer for all parties involved in this processing paradigm; it’s called Docs & Spreadsheets. Continue reading

May 9, 2007
by meandean

Why your cool church web site needs (the new) Google Analytics

Back in November of 2005, Google release Analytics, a high popular and free service to help you measure the effectiveness of your church web site. Yesterday, at the Emetrics Summit in San Francisco, Brett Crosby and Jeff Veen announced a re-factored version of Google Analytics that is more accessible and easier to use; begging the question – why haven’t you plugged this service into your church or charity’s web presence? Continue reading

October 27, 2006
by meandean

What church webmasters can learn from a bunch of dumb dairy cows

Chewing on your cud on how to re-work your crufty old church website? Well, moo-ving along back into website reviews, I think it’s time to pony up and milk a good example for all its worth. Today’s prime cut being the website brought to you by America’s Dairy Farmers. Yeah, okay so I went a bit over the top with the bovine humor – but my simple point today is about clean, simple marketing sites that present a clean, simple message. Continue reading

February 20, 2006
by meandean

Why your Church needs a Privacy Statement

Tired of political groups filling up your U.S. snail mail box with letters to your 12 year old daughter? Irritated with self-employed church members spamming you with the latest gift-basket craze? If so, then perhaps your church is lacking a privacy statement to protect contact information you submitted to the church’s sunday school enrollment or pictoral directory. Continue reading