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July 21, 2008
by meandean
Comments Off on How to make ‘find -perm 777’ your first ssh security stop

How to make ‘find -perm 777’ your first ssh security stop

Want to get hacked? It’s easy, just ‘chmod 777’ everything the next time you install a bbs or photo gallery application. Don’t want to get hacked? Read on and ‘find’ how hackers see, and exploit the unsecured areas of your system.

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July 10, 2008
by meandean

Follow-up: bad church web design inspired by bad theology

Judging from the feedback on my last post – I’ve either let you down or built you up. To those who were critical, thank you for your honest comments in love. It is always welcome. To those who sent private form-feedback, I’m glad I was able to encourage you. To those confused – I think I need this follow-up post to clarify some points. Continue reading