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Signs and blunders: legibility and the marquee on the church front lawn

Like Mark Pilgrim, I too live in Apex, NC; “the peak of good living.” I know this because that message is proudly and conspicuously displayed on both water towers. A lesson in good old fashioned marketing if ever there were one: make it large enough and simple enough so someone driving by can read it.

Too bad not every church here in ‘the land of only one recent industrial fire‘ has yet to market the URL for their church website in a similar fashion via the obligatory marquee/sign that adorns their front lawn.

Two cases in contrast – each taken at about the same distance one would see it approaching at the stated speed limit of their respective roads – both shown in the best daylight conditions possible:

Calvary Chapel Cary

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church

As one can quickly see, the “living art project” for Calvary Chapel Cary looks great from a design perspective … but isn’t nearly as easy to read and memorize at 40mph as more utilitarian offering by the Prince of Peace Episcopal Church.

Cleverly, the second church is using the simpler TPOP.org – an easy to render, see and remember url – as a redirect that’s more memorable when spoken “thePrinceOfPeace.org.”

Too bad the website for “TPOP” isn’t nearly as carefully crafted and informative as the offering from Calvary Chapel.

None-the-less, the point here is to get you to get you away from the computer for a few moments to consider how legible and memorable your hard copy URL is rendered.

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