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12 Days of Jesus Junk – Day 7 – Walking With Jesus Playing Cards

On the 7th day of Christmas my webmaster dealt to me, a set sevens, with an ace-king kicker.

12 days of Jesus Junk - day 7 - Walking with Jesus Playing Cards

What better way to demonstrate grace than to take a bad beating on the river during a late night game of Texas hold ’em during a youth lock-in?

Sure, you’ll have to let the kiddies shave your head, but at least you didn’t lose it when you realized you were drawing dead after going all in because you came equipped with your deck of ‘Walking With Jesus’ Playing Cards.

And speaking of betting the house, it’s probably time I complain about all-Flash based web sites (again) – or that is a church and/or charity website whose webmaster wagered the entire user interface and/or navigation on a third-party plug-in technology.

Not that Adobe Flash isn’t popular, but it’s also not without it’s problems including:

  • search engine hostile
  • tends to break back button technology
  • comparatively expensive to maintain
  • more labor intensive from a smaller pool of human resources
    (often having to steal from Peter to pay the addicted Paul)
  • relatively inflexible to change without a substantive investment in relational database interface
  • higher user error rates than simpler forms of navigation
  • long load times

Along with the above factors related to Flash itself, I’ve noted some trends in the Church website community when it comes to webmasters suffering ‘flashination‘ as they tend to:

  • convert their websites into art projects
  • effectively make their home page an ineffective splash page
  • be geared exclusively at the 18 to 32 demographic
  • attempt to compete with MTV and other media outlets

Perhaps the biggest problem I note with such sites is the trend for Flash-masters to continually “up the ante” with style over substance, in many cases because users quickly bore and/or ignore the gimmickry after the first or second use.

Well that and I often get one or more comments from webmasters – and sometimes their wives – whom have fallen in love with their creation to the point of forgetting that “You are not your user.”

Rule of thumb:  Don’t confuse a church website with … um … marital bliss

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