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5 love notes from the mailbag

I’m usually very responsive to comments and emails – as such interaction often results in long-term, online friendships with other developers. That said, sometimes I get ‘love notes’ that either request assistance when I’m mega-busy, or whose purpose is to tear me apart for ‘bashing the Body.’ Here are 5 examples of such – followed by some witty snarkasm on my part.

  1. A Misraelite responds to my article entitled ‘Why Christians Should Have Nothing To Do With Snowmobiles:’

    I was doing research on why people are turned off by Christianity. I could not believe what I read! Riding a snowmobile is a sin? There is no scripture that backs that up! These are the types of things that would make people wonder away or make them not even consider becoming a Christian! In fact, I challenge you to make this a ministry that could be used to bring souls either to christ or closer!

    My Response: Personally, I think alot of people are turned-off by the great cloud of witlessness who don’t know a joke when they see it.

  2. A gutsy steward asks:

    Dean – So we’re an old school Presbyterian Church … We’ve gone from no website, to a simple wordpress template.The initial idea was to have something functional online while we develop the real thing.

    Would you be interested in using this as a test case / makeover show for creating a website that does work? For recommending how to take something basic like this and making it a functional web residence for us?

    My Response: Yes. I love a teachable spirit, as exemplified by your courageous offer. Expect an article next week w/at least 5 pointers that encourages others to do likewise (in love).

  3. A quick email with a quicker response:

    How can I create a Sermon page with all the sermons so that viewers can select the sermon or sermons they wish to view?

    My Response: A sermons blog. WordPress on your own server, or Blogger on Google’s – both are great places to start. You can even use Google Docs to post to either once you get things established.

  4. From the flanks in response to ‘Too cool for Old School – Sonrise Baptist Church Newnan, GA:’

    How did you find this church in Newnan, GA? Out of genuine concern for this church, did you contact them and encourage them with your criticism?

    My Response: Out of genuine concern for the Body online, I have spies everywhere. Seriously, I would think such a genuinely concerned person would have contacted those involved in said website – which is why said question has me a bit suspicious over such ‘genuine concern.’

  5. From the ranks, also in response to ‘Too cool for Old School – Sonrise Baptist Church Newnan, GA:’

    Why, everywhere you go, do they insist on hiding the service times. Even on the directions and service times page, they are hidden. And they are hidden under sideways text, which is even worse.

    My Response: Out of genuine concern for everyone concerned, to keep me off the streets at night.

So there you have it folks! Five reasons to keep them comments and love notes coming!


  1. RE: Sermons page (item #3)
    Why not create the whole site in WordPress? News can be released in one category and sermons in another. Put the normal static content (service times, what we believe, about the staff) in pages. Works great!

  2. Jack, that’s what I’ve done with our church’s website. Not that we post sermon text, but still has the possiblity.

    Hey, Dean…you keeping up with Father Flanders? A recent daily sucker was a Christian radio station website with ads to local churches. A den of iniquity… http://www.wcbr1110.com

  3. Dave, I’ve done the same for our church website. I would love to see what you have done with your church’s site and possibly compare notes.

  4. Jack, email me at dave at b2blog.com.

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