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funeral blogging: the saddest day of hope

If the saddest day of my life was when we lost our second baby due to a miscarriage – then this is certainly the second saddest day of my life; and yet the most useful.

Tomorrow, those of the Orthodox faith will celebrate the resurrection of Christ – so what a bitter-sweet sentiment and practice it was to begin and end my father’s funeral with the singing of ‘Christo Anesti!’

Still – I cried floods I did not know were in me … Nor do I think I am entirely done crying.

And yet, in the two-hour ride to the inturment site – there is a calm of heart brought about due to a defiance of death built upon the eventual regathering of is all when Christ comes to claim His own.

I am still sad … But thumbing this post into my BlackBerry to share the same bitter-sweet confidence in the Risen Christ makes many others sufferring the same be encouraged of the promises purchased through the Cross.

More later of that I saw and felt today …

… But for now, Christos Anesti!