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funeral blogging: dust-to-dust

As I write this – they are covering my father’s earthly remains. Now for the two-point-five hour ride back to the church.

It was windy in Pompano, FL – good thing as it was got yet comfortable.

Being a veteran of World War II, my father was afforded a small detail to play taps, fold the flag and present it to my mother – after one last chorus of Christos Anesti before the priest performed the traditional burial service.

I was happy to be provided a minute or two to talk to the Navy detail and describe for them my father’s service record. It seems the detail appreciated that as well – as I can only speculate that they are burying so many veterans so frequently these days – I thought it might be good to offer a personal touch.

Another thought – I’m so glad my mother selected a wood coffin … it was, coincidentally enough, colored and smelled of the same wood stain my dad used so many times when fiddling with furniture work in the basement workshop.

The chatter in the automobile is about relatives from the old country – so many who came from Greece, through Ellis Island, and into productive lives and fruitful families.

I will blog once more about my experiences today – but I am exhausted – as are both my brothers who are snoozing, ‘snoringly’ next to me.

Again, thanks for the prayers and encouragement of so many of you.

I appreciate them more than words can describe.

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  1. Dean, I came over from HT. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, but wanted to pass on my condolences at losing your father. I lost mine 6 years ago, and though the hurt isn’t as sharp, I still think of him often. Prayers for you and your family as you go through the processes of grieving and planning for the future.