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Who is my IP Neighbor? And just what is his domain up to?

Who is my (IP) neighbor? And what how their domain impacting our shared server, and their potential spammage impacting email via our our shared IP address? Find out why this is important, and how a visit to an online reverse IP domain discovery tool may be in your immediate future.

Many church and charity web sites cannot afford the high cost, risk and labor associated with running their own dedicated server to host their web presence. Instead, they either opt for a Software as a Service solution where they buy into a pre-canned content management system, or they use a variety of content delivery tools such as WordPress, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Arachnophilia, etc.. to creat custom content that is hosted by services such as DreamHost, 1and1, HostingMatters, etc …

For those of you in the latter camp, you’re more than likely to have your custom content hosted on a “shared” or “virtual” web hosting service. This is a form of web hosting service where costs are defrayed by providing multiple domains their own instance of a web server software application on a single physical server. In many cases, and unless purchased as part of the solution, multiple domains also share IP addresses.

While this communal arrangement this does provide some outrageously economic web hosting solutions – it is not without it’s downsides, including the fact that you may be sharing a server and/or an IP address with an idiot neighbor whose activities can negatively impact your web delivery as follows:

  • create bandwidth logjams due either due to run-away processes and/or heavy traffic that the neighbor really should be hosting on a dedicated server
  • create bounced or banned email as their spammage has caused your shared IP address to be placed on a Real Time Black Hole list (a.k.a. DNS Blacklist ).

For those of you who suspect this is happening to you and/or are just curious as to who your neighbor is, there are services out there that provide a listing of the domains sharing your IP address.

My personal favorite is one entitled the myIPNeighbors reverse IP domain check.

What I like most about it is their legitimate use of frames to display the domains names in a left-column menu, displaying the front page of each domain as you click on the menu names.

Just be aware (read warned) that you may be shocked by what you see – as not all neighbors are as Christ-centric as yours.


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  3. http://www.myipneighbors.com/ seems to be dead – any ideas of other services of that kind?



  4. Hello David,
    This is an excellent article about IP neighbors, by the way. The myipneighbors site has been down for a few weeks and there’s no sign that it’ll be coming back up any time soon. Here’s another site you can try: http://www.aexcea.com/domains/

    It does the same thing as ip neighbors with the exception of displaying the front page of the sites in the list (which might be a good thing given that you never know what your neighbors are up to!).


  5. myipneighbors is up, but lacks the preview feature, or even linkified domain names. Works, though.

  6. ahem. that’s obviously myipneighbors.com