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Religion is a ‘Chruch’

We all know know at least one atheist, agnostic or skeptic who boldly (and often blindly) asserts religion is a crutch. Much in part due to the overbearing legalism and spiritual abuse that goes on in a minority of cases.

That said, I it is my prayer that the Church on the whole prove these individuals wrong, not only with Christian love and charity, but also with correctly spelled <title> tags. Case in point, the ‘North Shore Baptist Chruch‘ of BaySide NY – which is just one of the 4,410 hits Google returned to me when I searched on the phrase “baptist chruch.”
click here to see larger image of North Shore Baptist Chruch screenshot

Yes, as a dyslexic, I completely understand how this can happen … yet I implore you … please, please, please, double and triple check your “chruch’s” <title> tags … you’ll be glad you did.

(update – see related article entitled: Again with the “Religion is a ‘Chruch’”)


  1. A friend and fellow preacher once said, “Christianity isn’t a crutch. It’s a wheelchair!”

  2. I googled “chruch of christ” and got 1,300 hits. It’s not just the baptists who are giulty of tihs sin.

  3. The UCC weighs in with “untied church of christ”.

  4. Notice how often it’s in the title. It’s pretty obvious that Frontpage doesn’t spellcheck the title. Ah, Frontpage. Gotta love it.

  5. This is apparently a widespread problem among many denominations. Apparently spell checking is not commonly “preformed”!

    Reformed Chruch in America, The Russell Reformed Presbyterian Chruch (it’s all over the site!!)

    Walstonburg United Methodist Chruch

    Living Word Lutheran Chruch

    Any ideas on how we can tell these people that they need to spell check?

  6. Do you know of a site that will spell check web sites? I write my web sites in WordPad, and WordPad has no built in spell check.

    Not to mention that spell checking that doesn’t skip tags is pretty annoying.

  7. Love the site and I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing! However…

    That said, I it is my prayer…

    …it looks like you’ve got to clear out your own “I” before going after others’ spelling sins. 😉

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  10. Almost as bad as the Christain Church

  11. UnBelievers have no substitute for God’s Transcendent Criteria for making choices. None. Man-made criteria goes no higher than their eyebrows. They are owned & ruled by their feelings, appetites, glands, emotions, desires, etc. (None of which come with criteria for equipping the mind for measuring.) Then, they wonder (whining) why “god” gives them bad results. HA! They are living evidence that life is an I.Q. Test. Grade: F- (And, that’s not all… )
    If YOU can read this it is still not too late.)