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w3c Link Checker

We’ve discussed linkrot way back in July of 2002 in context of never, ever, EVER deleting a well-indexed link on your own site. But what about links to other sites?

Let’s face it, the one thing we know for sure about the Internet is the uncertainty of hyperlinks. Servers go down. People change careers. Hackers destroy things.

One nice and free tool to check the links on your site is w3C’s Link Checker. You merely enter the URL and presto, it offers you a variety of ways you can view the status of your links.

I personally found it very sturdy … slammed it with this site about a day or two before I left for Jordan.

One Comment

  1. It should be noted that putting it on “Summary only” didn’t yield anything for my site. It was much more informative to turn on the recursive check.

    It should also be noted that Blogger and many free blogging tools do not comply with the validation check.