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Church Sign Generator

Church Sign Generatorclick here and generate your own sign from God
Here is a link to a little bit of Friday Fun, the Church Sign Generator. You enter text into four fields, press the ‘Go’ buttona and PRESTO … it re-draws a picture of a First Baptist roadside sign-from-God with your own compelling ‘n’ kitchy come-to-church slogans … sorta like the ones the author of the program lists on his own blog.

How is this miracle of web wizardry achieved? I suspect the coder behind this fun read some sort of book or article on how to “Create graphics on the fly using PHP,” … or at least read the Image Functions section of the PHP manual.

Man-o-man … does this give me a funny idea …


  1. oooh…bad day to post this…*bad* I tell ya…

  2. Dean has a funny idea. I’ll bet there’s a picture of a church sign being emailed to Dean’s pastor right now (Oh yes, I would do the same thing)


  3. idea…promise or threat? by the way Dean, good post on ‘porpoises’ at blogs4god.

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my site… Send me an e-mail. I have some questions.

    Nice Blog!

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  7. http://www.sparesomechange.com/funny/ has a list of another 50 sign generators to play with at leisure…