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Wi-Fi for Dummies

Would someone mind telling me where the summer has gone? Here in the U.S., it’s Labor Day already. Well, at least the Labor Day weekend. Which I usually celebrate with some back-breaking weekend long project that makes me glad to return my office the following Tuesday.

This weekend, I get to cut the lawn, trim the hedges (big nasty 40 year old monsters), wack weeds, clean out the shed, clear the storm gutters, take some stuff to the dump and after all that, I have the joy of getting around to that 24’x12″x12″ ‘Freedom’ drain I ‘ditched’ last weekend in favor of chasing my 3.5 year old around the park.

For those of you who’d rather not feel the burn of sore shoulders and the satisfaction of complaining to your spouse about your aching back, why not Wi-Fi? For those of you not familiar with acronym for Wireless Fidelity, Wi-Fi is according to The WikiPediaa set of Wireless LAN standards developed by working group 11 of IEEE 802.

Yeah, okay, that was total geek-speak. Wi-Fi is a way you can provide network access to a home, your church, your charitable organization, or your nosey neighbor without having to snake wire through the walls and ceilings of your domicile. The problem is walking into your local computer store and trying to figure out where the network begins and the hype ends. For that, may I suggest a nice little article by Paul Boutin of the Slate aptly entitled “Wi-Fi for Dummies? In this article Mr. Boutin takes some of the fear factor out installing a simple wireless network.

Not convinced? If you are unable to inspire your congregation that this is a good way to get their offices, their classrooms and their sanctuary online, then perhaps this article from my April archives entitled Wireless Missions will help.

Going for it? Then please, do me 3 big favors:

  1. Make sure your firewall (preferably dual-homed) is correctly placed to protect your internal systems from outside attack — or from those inside abusing things on the outside.
  2. For those of you with web servers on site, see what you can do about making sure they’re not on the same ‘leg’ as your office or school systems.
  3. Please enable message encryption or suffer “The Attack of the Eavesdropping Neighbors

Okay, you have your assignment, get busy.


  1. Is it a “freedom drain” because it helps water to move freely out of the garden? Or is it a “freedom drain” because we’re still playing the “I Hate France” game? 😛

  2. “Freedom Drain” because “French Sewer” is redundant!-)

  3. don’t get all uber-patriotic on me!