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Are your backups offline?

If you’re not making backups of your website, and if you’re not making copies of those backups somewhere other than your server, then here’s something that might scare you into it:

The The Register reports that a defacement contest is in the works and will likely to target Web hosting firms.

scheduled for Sunday is likely to target Web hosting companies rather than individual Web sites.

note to self:

  • send email of article to host provider
  • make a backup of sites tonight
  • make sure copies of backups are FTP’d to home computer and are burninated to a CD
  • make copy of CD and put in saftey deposit box

Yes, a bit extreme, but think about it. If your backups are located on or near your network or web server, then they’re going to be next to impossible to restore when some hacker wipes them out along with your site.

Oh yes, and this is one of the reasons why I pay about $12/month for a reseller service, so my web site is hosted on a computer somewhere in New Jersey, while I’m here in Maryland.

That said, I’m old school enough to burn CDs and move them out of the house. Better to burninate and not need the backup, then to get wiped out and have none.


  1. Wow, to destroy your site, your server, home computer, house, and safe deposit thing will all have to mysteriously explode. That’s pretty impressive.

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  3. It’s Allah o’aQ’bar really… There is a soft o sound at the start of Aq’bar (it’s the IS bit of God is Great) and it’s the “Koh” sound not the hard K sound in Aq’bar. I put the apostrphe in because I think there is a ‘ over the Koh, but I’m not sure. It sounds like it though

  4. You shal go first, Sparticus. Allah will curse you fro conterdecting the spoken word of Allah.

  5. Sparticus, ignore’m … I know I will once I’ve lodged my strongly-worded complaint with his service provider.

    Well, that use .htaccess for good instead of evil.