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VerseScrape 0.3

Well sometime during the past few weeks, the good folks over at the International Bible Society added an audio hyperlink to their verse of the day javascript which in the past I’ve parsed via VerseScrape into an include file for my javascript impaired friends. That and by scraping the verse, I can then render using my own tags and styles.

The nice thing about the inclusion of the audio tag is that it simplified the token I needed to define the end of the passage and reference. Moreover, the second element of the split, the audio verse, is modified to include the reference verse as a title argument within the hyperlink tag.

The bad this I just discovered at the stroke of midnight, not all their verses include an audio link. So for those of you coming back to leave a comment that the code is broke — if fixed it to handle scrapes with and without audio links:

Oh but that’s not all. While my system was in transition, Glenn over at The Journal modified VerseScrape to his own likings (he also graciously pointed out a typo/bug in mine). Proving once again that with Perl, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

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  1. You know all this talk about code makes me hungry… for some graphics. mmmmmm graphics, soothes the soul.