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FTC creates national ‘do not call’ list

MSNBC – WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 Federal regulators are creating new protections for people plagued by unwanted telemarketing calls, establishing a national “do-not-call” list that consumers can use to keep their phones from ringing with sales pitches.

Well all I can say is, it is about stinking time! And I’ll be the first in line to sign up. I cannot stand telemarketers. When I purchase phone services – it is for MY use, not theirs. If they’re willing to pay me to use my line, then we can talk about it. Otherwise, they’re stealing, waking me up from naps, waking up my daughter from her naps, interrupting my dinner and yanking me out of the shower. And for what, to sell me new windows – even though I had them all replaced just 3 years ago? Go away – and take your spammers with you.

Oh, btw, here’s the info you need to receive less commercial advertising mail (that would be U.S. Snail Mail), you can register for The DMA’s Mail Preference Service (MPS), which allows you to “opt out” of national mailing lists.

Now if we could only get the same relief for our email.


  1. We have a do not call list here in Missouri, of which I am a proud member!

  2. I have a better idea that will save the American people billions of dollars:

    “The DO CALL ME list.”

    Anyone wishing to be called by relemarketers can call an 800 number and put their name on a list. One guy working at $10 an hour can maintain the list for Uncle Sam. He can also tweak the database of names when it jumps around from 6 to 8 to 7, etc.