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PERL program for linking Scripture references

Here is an article that explains how the author used PERL script to interface thousands of Bible quotations with Bible Gateway. Included on the page is a link to a program that runs through a document an ‘Scripturizes’ Bible references. What I mean by ‘Scripturize’ is that it takes a Bible reference and converts it a hyperlink at the BibleGateway.

I thought this might be useful to our discussion regarding regular expressions and fun stuff like that. Mostly because I suspect any of you who want to post sermons and Bible studies may also want to do the same. Granted, bib.pl was written back in 1998, so it employs some ‘old-school’ Perl parsing techniques. And later this week, we’re going to see how much of this can be reduced to a simple regular expression. Still, it offers some features and approaches we need to consider in our own “Scripturizer” application.

One thing it does that my own concept didn’t … it deals with abbreviations for Bible book names..


  1. If you’re not already familiar with the above referenced site, you might want to check it out.

  2. Hey,

    The links are broken (granted, this is from 7 years ago!) Any idea how to recover them? Or do you know of any Perl Modules out there for robust parsing/formatting of scripture references?