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Disabling the Right Click

Please open your copy of ‘The Book‘ to pages 264 and 265. There you will see me disparaging those persons who break my browser by using Javascript to disable my right key click. You may also notice a link to a web service I wrote for Vincent’s site that gets around this stupidity.

Any web servant who has taken the time to read Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility should understand the evils of breaking your user’s browsers by disabling various functions they expect. For example, I expect to be able to right click so I can open a new window. Yet there are those web servants out there who’s ego and/or paranoia are such that they just assume everyone who right clicks is out to steal. Well thank you very much for bearing a false testimony against your brother!

What I personally find ironic is that most, if not all such sites are so poorly coded, it’s not even worth looking at the source or right-clicking the links using the SamSpade Safe Browser. Nor is it worth a second trip back to the site.

About the only thing worse than this are those right-click nazis who also use the target= argument for their hyperlinks to throw open a new window – which inadvertently breaks the functionality of the back button.

Not convinced? Perhaps an article entitled ‘Don’t Disable Right Click!‘ by Rosemarie Wise will change your mind.

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  1. please show me how to enable right clicking a mouse