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Blog Netiquette

When Virginia Shea penned the original “core rules of netiquette” there the concept of the blog was yet to be a gleam in David Winer’s eye.

Well, it looks like blogs are here to stay, and with them, a set of rules and manners that though currently unspoken, should be written down and made part of Blogger.com’s terms of service. Until then, might i suggest a growing list over at Fred Peatross’ Grace Awakening>?

BTW, what’s your pet peeve regarding badly behaved blogs? Let us hear from you.


  1. The only thing that really bugs me is when people pass of opinions as fact, and write as if they are dispensing fact. And they make up sources and stuff…
    That and people who WrItE lIkE tHiS

    and by the why on a tangent are you planning on using trackback?

  2. The “Which Brady Bunch, Smurf, Dukes of Hazard Character etc” quiz result pictures. Some blogs seem to devote everything to finding these things and filling them out.