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Ernie the Attorney

It’s not often geeks like me think about things legal until we’re hip deep in a bowl of flaming orange habanero kimchee. But it is a reality we have to deal with.

That said, I was half joking when I e-mailed Ernest ‘Ernie the Attorney’ Svenson when I suggested there should be a law about hackers hijacking the WayBackMachine. Email being what it is, he responded as I often do when someone pin-pricks one of my passion spots – and goes deep!

It was more than I could have ever hoped for in a response – it was GOOD reading and is a GOOD point. So much so that I insisted he blog it on his site. We have so many laws, yet criminals still manage abound … abundantly … about the only thing I might add is a link to the Flummery Digest.

But I digress – first, the link to Ernies excellent article entitled: Toward a Theory of Justice.. But don’t stop there! I have found myself visiting Ernie’s site on a daily basis as he banters about issues legal – many of which are internet related – with the same ease I discuss sed and xarg.

Once I get my permalinks thing added, I’m adding this one.

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