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Usability Testing

For today’s 1st cup-o-coffee reading, I am STRONGLY suggesting you read the following article – one which describes in detail about something we as a Body could bit more of. What am I saying? The target article explains something most church web sites could use in vast quantities:
Designer & Developer – Usability Testing.

If you are serious about your website being most things to most browsers, then you need to talk a long look at this article – and usability testing. By doing so, you compel you and that crack core of church web servants (usually me, myself and I) too THINK first about what you’re going to say, to whom you are addressing it, and how to best serve it up.

Usability means running each gizmo and bleeding edge technology through the crucible of the “hey, do I really need this or am I showing off ?” test. Usability means not overlooking the fact that the client side of the Internet is comprised out of a wide variety of standards.

Nothing is worse than taking your compelling content and hiding under a bowl or a bed. What’s that? You don’t have compelling content? Hmmm .. musn’t have too many visitors then either.

Test everything. Hold on to the good – 1 Thessalonians 5:21

BTW, credit to Vincent’s News of Interest Page for finding this one.

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  1. After millions of hits, Yahoo is updating their main page:


    You’d think they would at least put in a DOCTYPE and make it liquid design. Hmm, maybe they’re not up to the usability testing phase yet 😉