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Optimal Image Sizes

One of the big problems I see with so many church websites are bloated graphics. Let me make this point very clear. Reducing the height and width attributes of the <IMG> tag does not, I repeat DOES NOT, physically reduce the physical size of the file. Nor does it reduce the size of the image via “color reduction.” We’re talking the minutes versus seconds difference your users suffer to download a 50kb image of your pastor versus one that’s 1/10th the size but still portrays the same subject.

In other words, if you’re not optimizing images after you scan or digitally snap them, then they’re probably BANDWIDTH pigs. And we all know what the Bible says about what happens when you feed swine to “perls.

Problem is, some of you are either on a nothing budget, or don’t know how to reduce an image size for web publishing. No worries, here are two nice online tools you can use to transform your images down to a more user friendly size:

No go out there and cut-down some of those sinful bandwidth bandwidths down to size!

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