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Church Staff, Blog Thyselves!

This nice little article about Radio UserLand : Multi-Author Weblog Tool comes courtesy of Vincent Flanders (for a speech that won’t bore you) … and if that’s not a shameless enough plug, BUY THE BOOK already !-)

Unabashed marketing aside …

I was exchanging some E-Mail w/Vincent, desiring multi-user blogs so I could get the RBC Church staff adding compelling content to the Redland Site as the whim hit them.

Vincent’s first reply was “Manila” … which gave me gas along the level of $899 or so. But if I can get RadioUserLand to work for $39.95 … well then … imagine all the relevant, up-to-date compelling content they could spin?

One Comment

  1. If you’re just looking for multi-person blogging, why not just go with blogger. It has that option, and you can’t beat the price.