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Web usability expert Vincent Flanders is back, with an irreverent new look at the Web’s worst. If you design Web sites or hire people that do, you need to hear Flanders take on the many mistakes that undermine some of the best-known sites on the Web.

Having helped penned Chapter 14 of Son of Web Pages That …, I can highly recommend it for anyone serious about having a good time learning how to design effective websites.

Within these pages, you’ll:

  • TREMBLE at the horror that is Mystery Meat Navigation
  • RUN SCREAMING from splishy splashy Flashy pages
  • CONQUER your Web nightmares by learning the four guiding principles of Web design
  • MASTER the art of spotting a page’s flaws in two minutes

Flanders skewers pages from Britney Spears, Microsoft, Century 21, Jesse Ventura, and tons of others, all so that you can be sure you don’t make the same mistakes they did. You’ll learn crucial techniques for developing content that keeps people coming back, optimizing your graphics, choosing effective text colors and matching backgrounds, and plenty more.

Whether you’re designing a site for your digital photos or are in charge of your Fortune 500 company’s Web presence, Flanders’ scathing commentary will have you laughing while his insights have you learning how to create a truly effective site for your audience.

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