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SUMO Paint – a cool, free online tool to replace that crufty MS Pain’

Online office suites are great, usually missing only one or two applications I need to enhance a presentation and/or document. That missing link sometimes being a paint or paintbrush tool such as Photoshop, Photo Impact and/or MS Paint. That’s okay because there is an emerging set of Software as a Service applications that are online, free, and generally geared at those of us who don’t do graphic arts for a living. SUMO Paint is one such tool that I’d like to bring to your attention.

SUMO Paint has a very PhotoShop-ish approach – without the bazillion features you don’t use – to work in multiple, merge-able layers using brushes, fills, special effects, etc …

Images can be imported and saved both locally to your computer, or to a SUMO/Snap.fi account online. Personally, it would also be nice to reference in URLs and/or import images from online photo gallery services such as Picasa and/or Flickr … but for what I’m paying for it …

As I mentioned before, while not weighed down with all the professional gadgets and gizmos one might find in PhotoShop, SUMO does offer the following tools and effects:

The Shapes Tool
SUMO Paint has a wide selection of unique shape tools shapes-tool.
Layers With Blending Modes
SUMO Paint has advanced support for layers. The layers support these features: Opacity, Blend Mode, Hidelayers
Awesome Brushes
SUMO Paint offers a wide selection of brushes for digital painting and tablet fanatics.
The Ink Brush Tool
The ink mode us a unique feature brushesof SUMO Paint for creating realistic ink impressions. Adjust ink wetness with the ink Brush Tool.
SUMO Paint has several advanced filters including but not limited to Blur, Berlin Noise, Hue / Saturation, Liquid ink-brushes Waves and Color Balance.
Gradient Tool
The gradient tool is quite advanced giving the option to tweak multiple properties such as linear/radial, filters focal point, spread method and blend mode. The tool has a real time preview, so applying a gradient is not guesswork..
The gravity option smoothes the drawn line to curves, making it easy to create abstract and beautiful artwork. The option is available in Symmetry and brush gradient-tooltools.
Shape Trails
Shape trails option creates ghost trails for the shape given, creating an interesting and cool effect. gravity Experiment with opacities to get the effect you want. Shape trails is available in Rectangle, Circle, Pie, Star, Round Star and Blade Star tools.
SUMO Paint Zoom offers unlimited levels of shape-trails magnification and a possibility to use anti-alias while zooming.
Symmetry Tool
With the legendary symmetry tool and its multiple properties you can create beautiful symmetrical the-zoom-tool creations. Experiment with symmetry points, gravity and modes to get exactly the result you want.
Color Picker
The SUMO Paint Color Picker is extremely simple and easy to use! You can switch between the the-symmetry-tool foreground and background colors and also type in the color as a hexadecimal value.
SUMO Paint has a large selection of color color-picker swatches to choose from.
Smudge Tool
SUMO Paint smudge tool has a big selection of brushes and a possibility to use following blending modes: Normal, Lighten, Darken.swatches
Custom Shape Tool
The SUMO Paint custom shape tool lets you draw your own custom shapes and fills the shape when the mouse button is released.

Oh sure, this relatively new painting resource isn’t without it’s irritations – but as I stated earlier – considering what I’m paying for SUMO Paint