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Cartoon: Flash Intro Screens – like setting fire to your money

Looks like some people with a great sense of humor took my August 25, 2008 post entitled ‘Don’t turn your front page into a splash page‘ to heart. As demonstrated by the following Signal-to-Noise cartoon of Rob Cottingham that appeared on ReadWriteWeb this past August 31:

And thanks to the quick commenting skills of HYCW cult member 1st Class, Bill Siddall, we are also privy to the following ReadWriteWeb commentary that accompanied the cartoon

Just when we thought the [darned] things were dead and buried, I ran across another Flash intro screen the other day. And like practically every other one I’ve seen, it was half useless puffery about the organization behind the site, and half lookit-this-kewl-effect self-indulgence by the designer

See, it’s not just me – so please, enough with the distracting and bandwidth-consuming arts-n-crafts front pages. Let’s get back to delivering the compelling content seekers and members want and need.


  1. Glad you liked the cartoon! And just as glad to know there’s one more voice out there on the side of sweetness, light and usability.

    Together, we CAN beat Flash splash pages.

  2. Please visit http://www.hnw.org and send recommendations to my pastor. The site is too painful to look at and wait on to be of any use.