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How to setup Google Sites for your website’s Wiki page

I feel like a little boy yelling down the street to announce the arrival of the circus. “They’re here! They’re Here! They’re HERE!” Yes folks, the JotSpot WIKI technology that Google acquired back in October of 2006 is now a service available via Google Aps – a service entitled “Google Sites.”

A service that I as soon as it appeared on my aggregator, I added to HealYourChurchWebSite.com – taking screen shots and notes so you too can add Google Sites’ WIKI-like capabilities to your church and/or charity website.

I got it done in about 9 steps – if you only see the first three – click on the [Read the rest of this entry »] link to see the rest.

Step 1:
Get into your Google aps via mail, docs, calendar or what-have-you and click on the “Manage this Domain” hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
Step 1 on installing Google Sites
Step 2
You’ll see a link on the upper left hand corner that reads “Add more services” … click on that link.
Step 2 on installing Google Sites
Step 3
That big old juicy button under the title “Sites beta” … you want to mush it good!
Step 3 on installing Google Sites
Back in your main domain management screen, you’ll see that “Sites” is now active and hyperlinked … click on the word “Sites” … now.
Step 4 on installing Google Sites
Step 5
If you want to change the URL … to something like sites.yourdomain.com or wiki.yourdomain.com, click on the “Change URL” hyperlink.
Step 5 on installing Google Sites
Step 6
Type in the name of the (subdomain) URL you want publish.
Step 6 on installing Google Sites
Step 7
Now you’re given a list of 5 steps, the first 4 instructing you to go back to your domain’s hosting control panel, service and/or whatever else you use to modify DNS entries – including SSL for the truly geeky brave – and make sure wiki.(or sites.)yourdomain.com is assigned a cname type pointing at ghs.google.com. Then for step 5, click the button that says “I’ve completed these steps.”
Step 7 on installing Google Sites
Step 8
You should see your subdomain URL now in the main domain management page of google aps. Click on that subdomain – and hope your DNS has resolved.
Step 8 on installing Google Sites
Step 9
You’ll know you’re at the right place if you see the “Create a Site” button. There, you’ll enter the site name, key words to categorize it (think tags), a brief description, a skin, and you’re off to the races.
Step 9 on installing Google Sites
Step 10
Enjoy creating encyclopedic information for your church and/or charity website.

That’s it folks! And what’s cool is that you can create several pages – though I’m inclined to stick with one robust “site” that has well defined sub-topics.

Some ideas to get you started could be:

  • Topical Studies
  • Staff Pages
  • Church History
  • Past Special Events
  • Church Bylaws
  • Liturgical Calendar Events
  • etc …

Best of all, you can insert other Google entities such as:

  • Google Widgets
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendars
  • etc …

Point is, if you have encyclopedic data about your organization -and you have Google Aps – then you now have a place to put this information online in an organized and digestable format.


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